Wellness on Earth

Our Wellness on Earth program allows visitors to mitigate their carbon footprint by purchasing a TreeLand Card®. For each card purchased, we plant and nourish a tree in our TreeLand Farms in the re-forested area of the Cerro Chato Biological Corridor. We also microchip the tree, so you can track it on Google Earth. Your TreeLand Card purchase helps control global warming, protect our ecosystem, and support the wildlife and natural resources of the area.

Purchase your TreeLand Card at the GreenLagoon Wellbeing Resort InfoCenter or at check-in during your stay. Price: $25
  • Wellness for humankind
  • Wellness for natural resources
  • Wellness for wildlife
  • Wellness for the soil
  • Wellness for the water
  • Wellness for the atmosphere
  • Wellness for the flora and fauna