The Garden of Eden Farm

GreenLagoon?s The Garden of Eden Farm provides a resource of fresh fruits, whole foods and vegetables for our Natura Restaurant and our upcoming restaurant, Rikko Harvest Café (estimated to be opened in late 2015). The sustainable garden also works as biodigestor to purify and recycle used water from the Wellbeing Resort.

The farm is building new greenhouses to plant thousands of germinated seeds ? a large variety of root-plants, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, grains, herbs, flowers and medicinal plants as well as fruit trees. These plants will supply the needs of our restaurants, but also will supply various foods not available to our communities and in some cases not available in the whole country. This project not only supplies whole organic foods to families, but to supermarkets, resorts and local restaurants as well.

The Garden of Eden Farm is the heart of our ?Plant-Based Pharmacy? and ?WellMart Supermarket? ? providing life-changing, whole food recipes to the Wellbeing EcoClinic?s patients and Lifestyle Medicine Immersion patients. Both the EcoClinic and WellMart are estimated to open to the public in late 2015 or early 2016.

The Garden of Eden Farm has a separate project called the Botanical & Medicinal Garden, created mainly as an educational property tour at GreenLagoon. Learn more by taking this specific property tour during your visit.